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Map with walking distances

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Where to eat?

IRREVERENTE has joined the local businesses around its main space to recommend restaurants, bars, pastry shops and taverns that have that special flavors and prices.


Even more so for those who purchased the promotional packages for the Festival (Early Birds and General), because when you present your Festival badge you have access to exclusive discounts and promotions. 

Click here to access the list of Festival gastronomic partnerships.

In the rest of Lisbon and Loures, the average for a good meal is between 7 and 15 euros.

Foods and drinks typical of Portugal that you can find everywhere and are worth trying: pastel de nata, croquettes (including the famous codfish balls), and giginha (liqueur), orange juice, and another pastel de nata... And, of course, the cuisine of the various African countries and Brazil... and India... and Thailand... and China... Japan... Vietnam... the list goes on. long!

Where to Stay and Where to Go?

Lisbon has many options for Hostels and Airbnbs, and anything close to a metro station (especially the RED LINE) will be good for getting to Festival activities and also getting around the city. Lisbon is not that big, so it is possible to reach the Festival headquarters in 30-40 minutes by subway, practically from anywhere. The journey by metro costs €1.50, by bus €2.00 and by elétricos €3.00, and you can buy the public transport card (€0.50) and recharge it at any Metro station. The card is also valid for buses and elétricos (which, in turn, also accept cash). YOU MUST WEAR MASKS IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT, RESPECT THE LEGISLATION.


Here is a map of the subway lines showing the best regions to stay within that time distance and also with good options for where to walk around. A good hostel price will be around 20-25 euros per night in a shared room. You can find it cheaper or more expensive, but just to get an idea of the price. 


So, on the map, the stations that we circulate in ORANGE are the ones that are within walking distance of our main location (up to 20 minutes walking). The ones that are circled by PURPLE are more in the center of the city, great places to stay and walk are around 30 to 40 minutes by metro from the main space of the Festival.

The metro opens at 6 am and closes at 1 am, but you will still have options for Bus/Elétricos, Uber or Bolt. Uber and Bolt here are not very expensive, sometimes it is even cheaper to take an Uber/Bolt sharing the ride than taking the metro.

But to enjoy the city and the tours, in addition to moving between the festival venues, download the LIME app to use scooters and electric bicycles. LIME is a partner of IRREVERENTE and offers 20% off to those who have an Early Birds Package or the Festival's General Package.

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Metro stations in ORANGE  

(walking distance from main venue)

- Moscavide (Red Line)

- East (Red Line)

- Cabo Ruivo (Red Line)

Metro Stations in PURPLE  

(30-40 minutes by metro to main venue)

- Alameda (Red/Green Line)

- Saldanha (Red/Yellow Line)

- São Sebastião (Red/Blue Line)

- Arroios (Green Line)

- Anjos (Green Line )

- Intendente (Green Line )

- Martin Muniz (Green Line )

- Rossio (Green Line )

- Baixa Chiado (Green/Blue Line )

- Cais do Sodré (Green Line )

- Restauradores (Blue Line )

- Avenida (Blue Line )

- Marquês do Pombal (Blue/Yellow Line )

- Parque (Blue Line)

- Picoas (Yellow Line)


Medical and Police Emergency: 112

Tourism Police Department: +351 218804030


Bruno Águas (WhatsApp): +351 914061931

Festival Safe Space:

Anne Buntemann (WhatsApp): +49 1634540821

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