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Here you have access to the Catalog of Restaurants and Pastry Shops that IRREVERENTE recommends in the surroundings of the venues where its activities are carried out, in addition to other special partnerships.

For those who purchased the Festival's General and Early Birds Packages, you can also find your special promotions here. Remember to always present your badge before consumption and payment.

This page was updated on July 14, 2022.

Pastéis de nata

Restaurants and Pastries

  • O CANTINHO DA MIMITA (African, Brazilian and Portuguese Food):  R. Gonçalo Braga 12 B   (Moscavide)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: Menu €6.50 includes: Meal + Drink + Coffee

  • C'UM CARAÇAS (Restaurant and Pastry Shop):  R. Bento de Jesus Caraça 15A (Moscavide)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: Conventional restaurant menu at €5.50

  • SABORES DO MINHO (Restaurant):  R. Lauriano de Oliveira 52  (Moscavide)

    • ​WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: 10% discount on meals
    • (Does not open July 29 - Wednesday)

  • BEM-VINDO (Nepalese, Indian and Portuguese food): R. António Maria Pais 36 (Moscavide)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: 15% discount on individual check​​

  • A CASCATA (Restaurant and Pastry Shop): Avenida de Moscavide 20 (Moscavide)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: 10% discount on individual check​

  • DELÍCIAS & DESEJOS (Restaurant and Pastry Shop):  Avenida de Moscavide 86 (Moscavide)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: 5% discount on Breakfast

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE:  Conventional restaurant menu at 5.99 ​​

Cantinho da Mimita
C'um Caraças
Sabores do Minho

  • TERRA MADRE (Italian Restaurant):  Alameda dos Oceanos, 41W   (Parque das Nações)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: Menu €10 includes: Meal (choice on the Menu) + Drink (Water or ice tea) + Coffee + slice of cake of the day.

  • VEGAN STORY (Restaurant Vegan): Rua Cais das Naus 12A (Parque das Nações)

    •  WITH FESTIVAL BADGL: 10% discount on individual check​​

  • IRISH & CO. (Sports Bar): R. Pimenta 57-61 (Parque das Nações)

    •  WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: 10% discount on drinks.

  • STATVS (Restaurant and Bar):  R. Pimenta 71   (Parque das Nações)

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: Menu €10 includes: Soup, bread, butter, main course, 1 drink and 1 coffee. 

    • WITH FESTIVAL BADGE: Imperial Beer Glass at €1 and "Withe Drinks" (vodka, tequila, gin, etc.) at €4.50

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More Partnerships and Promotions

Revista de Impro STATUS is a partner of IRREVERENTE. In July it turned 11 years old and to celebrate, it made the July edition available free of charge in the 6 languages in which it is published: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian. Download the pdf or mobile version here .

*And for those who have the Festival Promotional Packages, you can use your special code until August 03, 2022 (sent by email on July 03) that gives you a 20% discount on ALL Status products: new subscriptions , old editions and books such as "Yes, But" by Omar Galván, "Arquitectura de una Impro" by Rafa Villena, "Essays on Improv" by The SIN network, "Impro: Dynamics of the Unexpected" by Feña Ortalli.

LIME is IRREVERENTE's official scooter and electric bike app.

Our recommendation for transport to the festival venues and tourist tours.

* For those who have the Early Birds or General Festival packages, you will receive a 20% discount code to use between the 26th and 30th of July in Lisbon!

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For guided tourist tours and for more than one person, we recommend Blockchain Tours.


* For a group of people who have Festival promotional packages, Blockchain Tours  offers 15% discount on the price on the tours available on its website, or 20% discount for payments in cryptocurrencies.

You can book directly on their website or by calling +351 935 502 067, or by emailing . You must indicate in the reservation that you are a participant of the IRREVERENTE and present everyone's badge on the day of the tour .


Opening hours: from 09:00 to 21:00.

Bike Bar Tour offers a moving bar in the form of a group bike. A fun way to tour Lisbon too.


The reservation must be made by email to or WhatsApp (+351917876210).

The invitation is open to everyone, but those who have an Irreverente Festival Promotional Package, when presenting their badge, receive a personal discount of €5.

Bike Bar Tour.jpeg