Program 2022

Workshops, Shows, Lectures, Debates, Sightseeing Tours, Picnic Jams, and Celebrations.

Improvisation will be our impulse from the 26th to the 30th of July 2022 in Lisbon.

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Podcast in English presented by Feña Ortalli in 5 episodes about the creative impulses of some of IRREVERENTE's shows. 


16 Workshops de Improviso em Teatro, Dança e Música em português e inglês com docentes de 12 países diferentes.

Aula de artes cênicas

17 Improv Shows in Theatre, Dance and Music in Portuguese and English with groups and artists from 13 different countries.

Cadeiras vermelhas

2 Lectures and 2 Debates on Improvisation.

Lectures and Debates

2 Improv Jams and Picnic

Pastéis de nata

4 recommended tours.

Centro histórico de Lisboa